Monday, January 29, 2007


Thank goodness Daniel is all better! After throwing up friday morning, he rested all day, and ended up eating-and keeping down-banana and cereal friday night. then, saturday morning, he threw up water! what in the world! He rested more on saturday and ended up eating more on saturday afternoon...keeping everything in. yay! We stayed home Sunday to rest and make sure we didn't infect anyone else at church. Daniel was back to his sunny self! We found out at the doctors that he is still only 21lbs! He's getting taller though, he's going to look like a string bean soon hehe.

Alexis was great all weekend, listened very well about staying away from Daniel (so far so good, no complaints about her tummy). She had a lot of fun sledding with Gram, then a lot of fun eating mounds of snow!

I had some fun after the kids went to bed this weekend. Friday I went to Perry for margarita night at Marcies. Jess was there too, we had a lot of fun just being girls and gabbing :)

Saturday night I went to a movie with Bud, we saw Night at the Museum. Too funny! I think Alexis would even like it, and it was hilarious! It was so good to see Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney again, i love those guys!


Mona said...

Sounds like a good weekend. How did you see Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney? Old movie? Isn't Mickey Rooney dead? I am confused!

Laura Chin said...


Laura Chin said...

It's a new movie, he's not dead! haha

Karen said...

That kid loves to puke...remember Halloween??Im still laughing over that one!!

Cat said...

Poor Daniel! I forgot to bookmark you and I was checking your yahoo page. So glad to find you again :)

Karen said...

I book marked you with a link...That's because I am the favorite sister in law right?!?!?!!