Saturday, March 24, 2007

can you say LAWSUIT?

Barney ate the poison cat food! Could I feel more guilty?? I don't think so. I just feel horrible. I know it was an accident, I only bought that kind because he had trouble with the dry and he really liked the gravy.

So here I sit with three leftover cans of Sliced Chicken Dinner in Gravy on my desk with the matching date, UPC and lot number of the cat food with poison in it, and one dead cat buried in my backyard.
Oh, i'm about to get pissed, I can feel it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Restriction! what a concept!

So you know I had a port revision yesterday, I was able to eat and drink like normal though. Then, today, I stopped at Beaners (local crack house for coffee lovers) and got a mocha chill and a cinnamon roll.
I had two bites of that roll when OMG WTF IS THAT??
It was RESTRICTION my friends. And what did I do? made the classic mistake of taking a drink to try and get it down. didn't work.
So now I'm enjoying my soup with a couple of shrimp in it and shooting dirty looks at my cinnamon roll.
Restriction! AT LAST!!!

Not so bad I guess

Ok, so my surgery went really well, they didn't have to put me under general anesthesia!! Used a LOT of local anesthesia, and gave me something to relax. That was fun, i liked that heheh

So they re-sutured my port and added 2cc's to my band, giving me a total of 4cc's. I'm feeling ok today, just a bit sore.

I woke right up and was ready for my juice and jello in recovery, and I was home by 2:30.

This morning I got the kids to school and daycare right on time by myself and now I'm at home, resting away.

Thanks for all the prayers!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Surgery, again.

So in 12 hours, 10:15 Wednesday morning, I'll be on the slab again for a sub-q port revision. Really want to know what it is? Google it or email me.

I hope I feel better after this surgery than I did after the last one, I have class Thursday night. I've been using relaxation techinques a friend taught me to get through all the crappy medical stuff, it works pretty well.

Daniel picked out a new toy at Meijer today, an Elmo phone that says his name in voice mail messages and such, really cute. I got it programed tonight so he can hear Elmo say HIS name in the morning! He'll be so excited, he loves Elmo.

So I guess I'm ready, say a prayer for me. Love yas!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My son, the pretty princess

This is what happens when you're the only boy at daycare.

Bobbi helps Daniel get ready

Not an allergic reaction, a makeup job on a one year old, by an 8 year old

When I asked Daniel "Are you the pretty princess?" I got an emphatic nod "yes" and a big grin hahah

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa :)

Today my Grandfather, Stan De Young, would have been 89 years old.

He was such a funny guy, WWII vet, part of that generation who just knew how to fix anything. He wore safari hats with mosquito netting to keep the bugs out, he puttered around the garage for hours at a time, maybe tweaking the lawn mower, putting more things in more jars or 'fixing' something he found with his welder.

There are still little notes around the cottage that he wrote, warning on not to do this, or do this exactly this way, I hope they stay there. I'm glad we have 'the shrine' at our house. the shrine is on top of our entertainment center. We have Grandma and Grandpa's cremains in a decorative box, surrounded by a lovely frame Grandpa made with a pic of both of them as young adults. On the side is Grandpa's pipe collection. He quit smoking when I was very young, but I still remember the smell of his cherry tobacco.
Whenever I'm missing Grandma, I open up the coupon organizer that came from her house and inhale deeply. It smells just like her! I try not to open it too much, so the smell lasts.

He passed in December of 2002, 9 months after my Grandma did. The night before, he was with us at church to see the Children's musical. Thank God someone had the idea to take a picture. Grandpa, Mom, Dave, Erica, Victoria, Alexis and Me, in a picture less than 24 hours before he died. How often does that happen?? I'm so glad we got it.


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Translation of what Cat says from Karen to Mona

K-"Chokin my Chicken" (regarding how fast you have to eat when you have kids) M-"Tate sure keeps me on my toes!"

K-"Whale Sperm" (referring to miraclewhip) M-"I don't really care for mayo."

K-"Move outta my way you FAT ASS BITCH" M-"Boy it sure makes me mad when someone cuts me off!"

K-"I bought $30 USED shoes today!! But I spent $6 on capri's!" M-"You raised such a thrifty daughter!"

5. K-"I have a 30 pounder, Catie was that what like last year?" M-"I'm grateful Tate is so healthy!"

K-"Paul wouldn't feed Tate because it was 3 minutes ahead of his schedule." M-I appreciate that Paul respects the schedule I have set for Tate.

K-"OMG I hate Iowa." M-"I've had enough of Iowa"

K-"I had a dress and heels on and I had to walk through mud or manure or whatever the heck it was but it all smelled like shit." M-"The ground is really wet here."

K- "While walking in the dress and carrying 30 pounds of Tate, he tried to help himself to the Num Num." M-"I wish I had a babysitter here"

Monday, March 12, 2007

Rest In Peace Barney 1992-2007

Well, Barney was still hanging on when I got home from work around 12:45. Mom got home a little before I did and made an appointment at the vets. Right before we left he stopped being able to walk around and basically flopped on the carpet. Wrapped in a towel, I held him while Mom drove. He hardly moved a muscle, I thought he was going to pass on the way to the dr, but I could still feel his heartbeat.
While we were in the office, his eyes dilated and he started making little coughy-gaspy noises and we knew it was close, so they rushed the doctor in to give him the shot. It took all of 10 seconds, his heart stopped and he was gone, I held him the whole time.

After we brought him home, I stayed to clean him up a little while mom went to get Alexis from school. She was adamant she wanted to hold him before we buried him. I got the box already, cleaned his paws and his face, it was awful.
When she got home she still wanted to hold him, so she did for a moment, then was ready to bury him. We got him situated in the box, put in his favorite toy-a wire with dangly things on it-and walked out to the shed.

Laid Barney to rest, next to his Momma.

We remembered some things about Barney that made us laugh. Mom remembered when he was a kitten and saw a fork for the first time. It was on the floor and he crept up on it...nudged it with his paw and JUMPED from the movement. This went on for hours sometimes. Alexis liked it when he would chase after her shoelaces or ribbons. I remembered how he always cocked his head to my lips so I could kiss and nuzzle his head between his ears, and after his Mom died, he'd lick my thumb so I could clean his face for him like she did. He was a sweet thing.

While we were still shoveling the dirt on his box, Alexis asked "Can we get a puppy now?" Life goes on right?

It must be monday

I like the rain, it means it's too warm to snow.

Decided if Barney is still with us when I get home around 1, he's going to the vet. It's amazing how long his little body has held on. He doesn't appear to be in a lot of pain, he hasn't meowed in a few days. Don't want it to get to that point though. Yesterday I found him a place to rest next to his momma in the backyard and got it ready. How depressing.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Poor Barney

Well, my baby kitty is getting ready to go to that big catnip patch in the sky. He's 15 years old this month and lived a good life. He's definately an old man now. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, he's not crying or anything, but he can't swallow today. I hope it doesn't take long, I'd rather not take him into the Vet, he gets so scared!

Thursday, March 8, 2007


I hate it when I buy something, go to try and use it and there are all these accessories that I didn't know I needed. Why let me leave the store without telling me I need them? Oh right, because they don't even carry the accessories I need. stupid chain stores with staff who know nothing. (Video will be coming up after I get my parts I ordered)

Apparently I'm grumpy today. Maybe because i'm still sick. Oh well, i'll get over that soon enough.
I wonder if my surgeon will compensate me for time lost at work to fix his mistake?

Marcie talked me into going to Marvelanes last night for karaoke. I didn't intend on singing, but ended up entering a karaoke contest and winning. I won a cooler on wheels hehehe and I can compete in the finals next month. yipeeee

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Stupid surgery

So, I'm all set up for a port revision for March 21st.
I counted the holes I have from them trying to give me a fill yesterday, I counted 26.
This better fix the issue!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

why I don't drink beer

Saturday night, I went to the Whiskey Barrel with Marcie, Andrea, Jess and Jess. Friend of Andreas was very nice and bought me a beer, something I haven't had in YEARS. I started feeling yucky...left around midnight, threw up around 1am. No more beer for Laura.

doggone it

Yesterday I drove to Flint for my second fill in my band. I nervously remembered my first fill that wasn't easy. Pulled all over the place, stuck 5 times before they finally got 2cc's into my band. That was a carnival cruise compared to yesterday.

Since they remember me from last time, my surgeon, Dr. Dabideen is already there. After twenty minutes of repeatedly poking me with a 4 INCH NEEDLE, deep enough that the lidocaine didn't reach that far, and with me trying desperately to get to my 'happy place', they give up. Dr. Dabideen says I need a revision. That means surgery. To move my port to an area with less tissue, because where it is right now has a lot of fat (duh!) around it and he can't get my port to stay right side up. So I left and drove the 50 miles back home, sufficiently bummed and needing a hug.

I stopped home for lunch before my appointment for my CPAP at 2. I was so tired, I fell asleep sitting up. I deliberately didn't lay down because I knew I would fall asleep! I guess it doesn't matter what position I'm in...I'm gonna sleep!

I woke up exactly at 2, saying "OH $H!T IT'S 2!!"

Luckily, I live about 5 minutes from the hospital, so I rolled in there at 2:07. The nurse wasn't ready for me anyway, so I felt better.

I got a cute little unit with a humidifier and a nasal mask.

Unfortunately I was only able to use it about 5 hours last night, I just got too stuffy! After my sinus infection clears'll be better!

Today Alexis is performing with her class at the Lansing Center to thank the sponsors of the Chinese Immersion program. They picked Alexis to say thank you to the head honcho...believe it or not she can actually get shy in front of a crowd. Full report later!