Thursday, March 8, 2007


I hate it when I buy something, go to try and use it and there are all these accessories that I didn't know I needed. Why let me leave the store without telling me I need them? Oh right, because they don't even carry the accessories I need. stupid chain stores with staff who know nothing. (Video will be coming up after I get my parts I ordered)

Apparently I'm grumpy today. Maybe because i'm still sick. Oh well, i'll get over that soon enough.
I wonder if my surgeon will compensate me for time lost at work to fix his mistake?

Marcie talked me into going to Marvelanes last night for karaoke. I didn't intend on singing, but ended up entering a karaoke contest and winning. I won a cooler on wheels hehehe and I can compete in the finals next month. yipeeee


Jim Hall said...

Congrats on winning. Let Deb and I know when and where and we'll be there, only if you bring the cooler and it's on a Saturday and I don't have to work.

Cat said...

Awesome that you won! How fun!