Monday, October 29, 2007

You're IT

TAG--if you read this you're "it" :)
I was tagged reading my sister in law's blog

4 Jobs I've Had:
1. Nanny
2. 7-11 clerk
3. Medical Assistant
4. Momma

4 Movies I Could Watch Over & Over:
2. What Dreams May Come
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
4. CastAway

TV Shows I Watch: (only 4???!!!!)
1. ER
2. Dr. Phil
3. Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Places I've Lived:
1. Lansing, MI
2. Eaton Rapids, MI

Favorite Foods:
1. Popcorn
2. Shrimp with lobster sauce
3. Mexican Food (or any food really haha) cooked by Dad
4. Caramel Apple Pork Chops

Places I'd Love to be Now:
1. In bed SLEEPING
2. At an overnight scrapbook convention
3. In San Francisco
4. Barbados

Names I Like, But Would Not Use for My Children:
1. Cloud (an obscure french saint)
2. Joaquim
3. Hermione
4. Rowena

Again, if you are reading this, you are tagged. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The next time....

The next time I can smokey ham pea soup, I will make sure NONE of the gristle goes into the soup. YUCK.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Karens Fall Decorations

In my way of trying to take care of everyone, even if they're not here anymore, I took a drive out to Eaton Rapids to visit Karen on Friday to put up some Halloween/Fall decorations. Karen loved halloween and last halloween was one we'll never forget!

Posted by PicasaI also got the tulip bulbs planted, my first experience planting spring flowers in the fall, hopefully they'll come out ok!
*edit 10/2008: my bulbs were a no show this year. My thumbs are not any shade of green lol I did get some nice impatiens planted in front and some climby stuff in back on the trellis I put up.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The one thing...

Ok, so there is ONE thing I don't like about my favorite season, fall. The sickness!! Last week I went to the doc with tonsilitis again, and got on an antibiotic. Easy right? Not so fast!! Saturday night I start with a little cough, by monday morning it's a full on hack and I can feel my voice starting to go. grrrr