Thursday, January 26, 2006


How exciting!! This morning at 8:10 am, Daniel took his first 3 steps!! He was so cute...whining for me to pick him up, so I held my hands out to him, just out of reach, and he stepped over to them! Alexis was there too althougth she didn't seem as excited about it as I was haha Can't wait to get pictures of it! Bye!!

Monday, January 9, 2006


too much to do!! Full time work but part time hours:) and now school too. PLUS can't forget the number one priority...the babies! They're both so wonderful, and it's hard work, but it is so worth it. Sometimes I wish I could go back to before I had kids and just be...laura! but even if my kids didn't live with me I'd still think about them all the time so actually I'd have to travel back in time to when I didn't HAVE kids. if I could do that...I'd finish school then haha aNYWAy 20 minutes to get to work, better get home and make sure the roast is ok in the slowcooker before I punch in. later kids

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

work work work

Work is keeping me so busy! I even came in yesterday, on what could have been a holiday because I have SO much to do--and I'm supposed to do it in 4 hours a day? Well, it's not happening. I am supposed to be there from 11-3, I haven't left at 3 once!! Closer to 4 most days. I have NO problem with that....I just hope they don't either.
NYE was a lot of fun at M iguel and Sarah Rodrigues' house. It was great to see all the old crew, I really miss seeing them every week. Its been 5 years since we would get together every friday night for euchre (or watching euchre since I hate playing it) and even longer since we would all go to the Nuthouse every Thursday. Maybe as the kids get bigger I'll feel more comfortable leaving them with sitters and actually go out sometime haha.
Daniel waved back at someone for the first time NYE, Bud walked up to him and waved with a silly grin and Daniel grinned back and flapped an arm at him! He also tried to take a step this morning.....getting close!!
Well, I've got limited time before work and I'm enrolling Alexis in a ballet class so she can be a princess (her words hehe). We were going to take karate, but they didn't have any saturday classes....maybe in summer :) Happy new year all!