Monday, January 29, 2007


Thank goodness Daniel is all better! After throwing up friday morning, he rested all day, and ended up eating-and keeping down-banana and cereal friday night. then, saturday morning, he threw up water! what in the world! He rested more on saturday and ended up eating more on saturday afternoon...keeping everything in. yay! We stayed home Sunday to rest and make sure we didn't infect anyone else at church. Daniel was back to his sunny self! We found out at the doctors that he is still only 21lbs! He's getting taller though, he's going to look like a string bean soon hehe.

Alexis was great all weekend, listened very well about staying away from Daniel (so far so good, no complaints about her tummy). She had a lot of fun sledding with Gram, then a lot of fun eating mounds of snow!

I had some fun after the kids went to bed this weekend. Friday I went to Perry for margarita night at Marcies. Jess was there too, we had a lot of fun just being girls and gabbing :)

Saturday night I went to a movie with Bud, we saw Night at the Museum. Too funny! I think Alexis would even like it, and it was hilarious! It was so good to see Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney again, i love those guys!

Saturday, January 27, 2007


two nights ago (thursday), we get home from picking up the kids from school and day care. I have about 20 minutes before I have to leave for class. All of the sudden Daniel explodes in the living room, all the milk and whatever else he had recently eaten. No warning. Poor little guy starts crying. It happens though, right? I figured he had had a lot of drainage like I had, and it just didn't agree with him. After he's cleaned up I put him in his highchair to contain him while I try to clean up the yuck on the rug. I give him a little banana and he's happy. I'll spare you the cleaning up details. He ends up tossing up the banana too (oops) and I put him in bed in fresh jammies. this is before 5:30. As mom rushes in from work at 5:50, I'm rushing out for class at 6 with a run on sentence of what happened. I get home from class after 10, everyone is asleep...looks good!

Friday morning, Daniel is full of giggles, playful...ok....must have been a fluke.

About 9:30 my phone rings. It's Char, the day care provider....uh-oh....(please don't have thrown up pleasepleaseplease)...Daniel just exploded in HER living room. Oh dang, I'm on my way. We get home, he goes to bed. After a whole morning of not eating, drinking or peeing, I get a little nervous. We call Dr. Christiansen and the lovely nurse Audrey says to come on in!

Dr. Christiansen is optimistic. She says to give him 2 more hours, then try to give him pedialyte. If he won't take it or tosses it back up, take him to get a couple bags of fluid (grumble grumble).

After a nice nap, Daniel wakes up raring to go! Eating 2/3 of a banana, 2 baby bowls of cereal and lots of pedialyte and water. WHEWWWW

Saturday morning, around 9, I check on him, he's just laying there, awake. Doesn't want to get up. I check again. and again. and again. No no, doesn't want to get up. I give him a cup of water, he greedily drinks.

Finally Gram goes to check on him with Alexis and he pops right up, and spews the water all over his bed....dang.

Poor little guy is feeling so bad he's just all puckered up and feeling nasty. he's taking a little nap right now...I hope he keeps the little bit of water, pedialyte and ibuprofen I managed to get in him. I really don't want to take a 1 1/2 year old to the ER for IV fluids.
More to come....

Thursday, January 25, 2007


My kids are Ranch Dressing addicts. Alexis and I picked up a pizza on the way home yesterday. As soon as we sat down, she jumped up to grab the ranch. After she had squirted some on her plate, Daniel started pretending to dip his pizza and started signing "more! More!" an reaching for the ranch! So I put a bit on his tray and he gobbled it up! He kept asking for more and more until I finaly had to put it away haha

Alexis wanted pizza in her lunch today, so I went into the fridge this morning to grab a slice for her....couldn't find it! Looked all around, i had put it in a fairly large container, where was it?

Finaly I looked in the cupboard where the container is kept when it's empty...sure enough, there it was. In the cupboard, full of spoiled pizza!

So, Alexis got the cold lunch at school today :) She loves that trix yogurt they always have, full of sugar haha

no wonder he always looks cracked out!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ass supplement

I've started drinking this protein supplement, Myoplex. It has 42 grams of protein in a 17oz drink with only 310 calories. I wonder how many I'll have to drink before I have abs like the guy on the box? It says it's "great tasting", I would like a moment for rebuttal. It tastes a bit like ass. So I hold my nose and down it goes.
Alexis is obsessed with eating snow. She was outside for 1/2 an hour last night just scooping up snow and eating it.
Daniel loves soup. He will sit and sign/say more, more!! He especially loves the soup I canned last fall. I'll have to make more soon, I only have 4 quarts left.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ignorance is bliss

Yesterday morning I was SO hungry on the way to work that I stopped at McDonalds. Afterwards, I decided it would be a good idea to look up the nutritional information for my breakfast. It turns out it was not a good idea. At least if I wanted to keep having McDonalds for breakfast! 1390 calories and 63 grams of fat later... McDonalds is off the list. wow!

So for lunch I had the turkey soup I had made Sunday and dinner was butternut squash with sauteed onions and a protein shake. Hopefully I made up for it a little.

Alexis was SO tired after school today, when I walked in at 5:30 to pick her up she burst into tears because she and Mr. Kevin were going to play basketball. She gets so emotional when she's tired. When we got home I gave her a peanut butter sandwich and some of my smoothie and sent her to bed. Poor thing is having trouble with her eczema too. I made her an appointment next week for her 5 year old physical and to get her tested for allergies. I know eczema can be an allergic reaction to a food...let's hope it's nothing big so we can correct it easily!

Daniel was his usual sunny self until he got tired, he always starts throwing things if he gets too tired. He's learning how to draw out bedtime cause I'm a sucker hehe When he's ready for bed, I cradle him in my arms and we sing "Jesus Loves Me" and then he gets put in bed. He knows if he sits up in my arms during the last line, wraps his arms around me and puts his head on my shoulder that he'll get more cuddles and another song before I lay him down. I'm so blessed with such an easygoing baby. When I lay him down he looks for his baby, his water and I cover him with his blanket and say "night night!" he says "ni niii..." and closes his eyes.

Poor Barney the cat. He'll be 15 in March. We think he has a stomach cancer like his mom did. He used to be close to 20lbs, now he's lost so much weight, it's crazy. He can still jump over the baby gates, but he'll sit in front of them and mrowr a little for us to open them if we're in the kitchen. He doesn't seem able to eat the solid food anymore. We've been pureeing his food for a few weeks now. My baby kitty is an old man now. *sniff*

Monday, January 22, 2007

On the blog again

Ok, so don't actually have interesting things to write about other than my kids.

Daniel has been a real jokester lately! He loves the wiggles. Jeff Wiggle is apparently narcoleptic and falls asleep at a moments notice. When the other wiggles have noticed Jeff is sleeping they say "one, two, three....WAKE UP JEFF!" and Jeff will jump awake. Daniel will now crook his head to one side and do this loud, open mouth snore-with his eyes wide open-until Alexis or I say "one, two, three....WAKE UP DANIEL!", when he will put his head straight and reward us with a sweet grin only to go back to sleep, seconds later. He has such a good belly laugh.

At Church we have a 'secret sister' where we get a name of another woman in our church. Over the course of a year we send little gifts and cards to them, and pray for them. We reveal who our secret sister has been at Christmas time. My new secret sister sent me a fluffy scarf that is open in the middle so you could wear it like a hood as well as a scarf. I went into Alexis' room last night to tuck her in and she was wearing my scarf for pajamas. She looked like a little worm with my blue and green scarf around her whole body.

When I started researching my band surgery I found a great site, I have learned more from those people than any one doctor could possibly know. On New Years, a friend posted a "New Rears Eve" challenge, challenging us all to post our new butt pictures so we can compare later in the year.

My butt actually fits into the too small jeans that I got from Mona for Christmas!
I had 2cc put into my 10cc band last Tuesday, that was quite a trip!
It turns out my port, which is under my skin and where the saline is injected, was almost turned completely over! "Oh dear!" you say? No, no! They'll just pull my insides around until it's flipped back over! I went to my happy place while they repeatedly poked me trying to slip that 2cc into my band. I'm glad it was under flouroscopy or it could have been even worse!! I'm glad that only happens once a month right now.