Monday, January 22, 2007

On the blog again

Ok, so don't actually have interesting things to write about other than my kids.

Daniel has been a real jokester lately! He loves the wiggles. Jeff Wiggle is apparently narcoleptic and falls asleep at a moments notice. When the other wiggles have noticed Jeff is sleeping they say "one, two, three....WAKE UP JEFF!" and Jeff will jump awake. Daniel will now crook his head to one side and do this loud, open mouth snore-with his eyes wide open-until Alexis or I say "one, two, three....WAKE UP DANIEL!", when he will put his head straight and reward us with a sweet grin only to go back to sleep, seconds later. He has such a good belly laugh.

At Church we have a 'secret sister' where we get a name of another woman in our church. Over the course of a year we send little gifts and cards to them, and pray for them. We reveal who our secret sister has been at Christmas time. My new secret sister sent me a fluffy scarf that is open in the middle so you could wear it like a hood as well as a scarf. I went into Alexis' room last night to tuck her in and she was wearing my scarf for pajamas. She looked like a little worm with my blue and green scarf around her whole body.

When I started researching my band surgery I found a great site, I have learned more from those people than any one doctor could possibly know. On New Years, a friend posted a "New Rears Eve" challenge, challenging us all to post our new butt pictures so we can compare later in the year.

My butt actually fits into the too small jeans that I got from Mona for Christmas!
I had 2cc put into my 10cc band last Tuesday, that was quite a trip!
It turns out my port, which is under my skin and where the saline is injected, was almost turned completely over! "Oh dear!" you say? No, no! They'll just pull my insides around until it's flipped back over! I went to my happy place while they repeatedly poked me trying to slip that 2cc into my band. I'm glad it was under flouroscopy or it could have been even worse!! I'm glad that only happens once a month right now.


Cat said...

Your butt looks great!!

Cat said...

Ok--the visual of Alexis looking like a worm is so funny! I love those magic scarves :) Also, the secret sister thing is very cool. I love your blog name--I wish I would have thought of it!!!

Mona said...

Nice looking butt!