Thursday, January 25, 2007


My kids are Ranch Dressing addicts. Alexis and I picked up a pizza on the way home yesterday. As soon as we sat down, she jumped up to grab the ranch. After she had squirted some on her plate, Daniel started pretending to dip his pizza and started signing "more! More!" an reaching for the ranch! So I put a bit on his tray and he gobbled it up! He kept asking for more and more until I finaly had to put it away haha

Alexis wanted pizza in her lunch today, so I went into the fridge this morning to grab a slice for her....couldn't find it! Looked all around, i had put it in a fairly large container, where was it?

Finaly I looked in the cupboard where the container is kept when it's empty...sure enough, there it was. In the cupboard, full of spoiled pizza!

So, Alexis got the cold lunch at school today :) She loves that trix yogurt they always have, full of sugar haha

no wonder he always looks cracked out!


Jim Hall said...

Hey there, how are you doing? Hope all is going well and you're feeling better. I've heard how great you're doing, keep up the good work. I'm ready to head to the bar to hear you sing again. Just let us know and we'll be there, if I'm not working that is.

Mona said...

Who stole the pizza? Daniel or Alexis?

Laura Chin said...

NO one stole the pizza, I got the container down from the top shelf where it has been for eons, put the pizza in it and put it right back on the top shelf. After carefully closing it and trying to get out excess air of course.