Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ass supplement

I've started drinking this protein supplement, Myoplex. It has 42 grams of protein in a 17oz drink with only 310 calories. I wonder how many I'll have to drink before I have abs like the guy on the box? It says it's "great tasting", I would like a moment for rebuttal. It tastes a bit like ass. So I hold my nose and down it goes.
Alexis is obsessed with eating snow. She was outside for 1/2 an hour last night just scooping up snow and eating it.
Daniel loves soup. He will sit and sign/say more, more!! He especially loves the soup I canned last fall. I'll have to make more soon, I only have 4 quarts left.

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Cat said...

Hee Hee! I recently started having Carnation instant breakfast and was thinking it would taste like that, too. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad..even if I did live off it for 6 weeks when I had my mouth wired shut. Check it out--it has tons of protein and only like 220 calories.