Saturday, January 27, 2007


two nights ago (thursday), we get home from picking up the kids from school and day care. I have about 20 minutes before I have to leave for class. All of the sudden Daniel explodes in the living room, all the milk and whatever else he had recently eaten. No warning. Poor little guy starts crying. It happens though, right? I figured he had had a lot of drainage like I had, and it just didn't agree with him. After he's cleaned up I put him in his highchair to contain him while I try to clean up the yuck on the rug. I give him a little banana and he's happy. I'll spare you the cleaning up details. He ends up tossing up the banana too (oops) and I put him in bed in fresh jammies. this is before 5:30. As mom rushes in from work at 5:50, I'm rushing out for class at 6 with a run on sentence of what happened. I get home from class after 10, everyone is asleep...looks good!

Friday morning, Daniel is full of giggles, playful...ok....must have been a fluke.

About 9:30 my phone rings. It's Char, the day care provider....uh-oh....(please don't have thrown up pleasepleaseplease)...Daniel just exploded in HER living room. Oh dang, I'm on my way. We get home, he goes to bed. After a whole morning of not eating, drinking or peeing, I get a little nervous. We call Dr. Christiansen and the lovely nurse Audrey says to come on in!

Dr. Christiansen is optimistic. She says to give him 2 more hours, then try to give him pedialyte. If he won't take it or tosses it back up, take him to get a couple bags of fluid (grumble grumble).

After a nice nap, Daniel wakes up raring to go! Eating 2/3 of a banana, 2 baby bowls of cereal and lots of pedialyte and water. WHEWWWW

Saturday morning, around 9, I check on him, he's just laying there, awake. Doesn't want to get up. I check again. and again. and again. No no, doesn't want to get up. I give him a cup of water, he greedily drinks.

Finally Gram goes to check on him with Alexis and he pops right up, and spews the water all over his bed....dang.

Poor little guy is feeling so bad he's just all puckered up and feeling nasty. he's taking a little nap right now...I hope he keeps the little bit of water, pedialyte and ibuprofen I managed to get in him. I really don't want to take a 1 1/2 year old to the ER for IV fluids.
More to come....

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Mona said...

Poor little Daniel! I know how he feels and it isn't good!