Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ignorance is bliss

Yesterday morning I was SO hungry on the way to work that I stopped at McDonalds. Afterwards, I decided it would be a good idea to look up the nutritional information for my breakfast. It turns out it was not a good idea. At least if I wanted to keep having McDonalds for breakfast! 1390 calories and 63 grams of fat later... McDonalds is off the list. wow!

So for lunch I had the turkey soup I had made Sunday and dinner was butternut squash with sauteed onions and a protein shake. Hopefully I made up for it a little.

Alexis was SO tired after school today, when I walked in at 5:30 to pick her up she burst into tears because she and Mr. Kevin were going to play basketball. She gets so emotional when she's tired. When we got home I gave her a peanut butter sandwich and some of my smoothie and sent her to bed. Poor thing is having trouble with her eczema too. I made her an appointment next week for her 5 year old physical and to get her tested for allergies. I know eczema can be an allergic reaction to a food...let's hope it's nothing big so we can correct it easily!

Daniel was his usual sunny self until he got tired, he always starts throwing things if he gets too tired. He's learning how to draw out bedtime cause I'm a sucker hehe When he's ready for bed, I cradle him in my arms and we sing "Jesus Loves Me" and then he gets put in bed. He knows if he sits up in my arms during the last line, wraps his arms around me and puts his head on my shoulder that he'll get more cuddles and another song before I lay him down. I'm so blessed with such an easygoing baby. When I lay him down he looks for his baby, his water and I cover him with his blanket and say "night night!" he says "ni niii..." and closes his eyes.

Poor Barney the cat. He'll be 15 in March. We think he has a stomach cancer like his mom did. He used to be close to 20lbs, now he's lost so much weight, it's crazy. He can still jump over the baby gates, but he'll sit in front of them and mrowr a little for us to open them if we're in the kitchen. He doesn't seem able to eat the solid food anymore. We've been pureeing his food for a few weeks now. My baby kitty is an old man now. *sniff*


Mona said...

Daniel is truly a "sunshine baby" with that wonderful smile.
By the way, thanks for the Mickey D's info....keep that off my breakfast list...whew!

Cat said...

awwwwwwwww....Daniel's bedtime ritual sounds so nice. How did I get the firecracker baby? Are you sure we didn't get them switched at some point?? Hee Hee!