Thursday, November 2, 2006

Halloween Tricks

Tuesday was halloween! Alexis went dressed as Stephanie from Lazytown. She had a party at school, then all the kids had a big parade around the neighborhood. After picking up Daniel, we went to my Dad and Stepmoms. They live out in the sticks, so we were their only trick or treaters, but they still dressed up like mummies for us! After Papa and Lori's, we went to Papa and Grandmas for trick or treating with Aunti Karen, Mike, cousin Catie, her friend Erin and us! Things were going very well for about an hour, when the temp dropped sharply. Poor Daniel was freezing, even though he had on a shirt, jacket, flannel costume with hood, mittens and thick slipper shoes, and was making little cry noises, so I took him out of the stroller and stuck him in my shirt. He was still makeing little noises when all of the sudden, he made one BIG noise and PUKED ALL OVER ME. Couldn't believe it!So there we are....1/2 mile from my inlaws....i have to walk back, 21lbs of baby on my front along with milk, hot dog and the culprit Augmentin, all over my front. I thought Mike was going to be the next to throw up, while Karen was laughing so hard I though she might pee her pants. Trick for me!!! The treat came later after I had drove 30 minutes back to lansing, put Daniel and Alexis to bed, i finaly got to strip and take a shower. EW

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