Tuesday, March 13, 2007


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Translation of what Cat says from Karen to Mona

K-"Chokin my Chicken" (regarding how fast you have to eat when you have kids) M-"Tate sure keeps me on my toes!"

K-"Whale Sperm" (referring to miraclewhip) M-"I don't really care for mayo."

K-"Move outta my way you FAT ASS BITCH" M-"Boy it sure makes me mad when someone cuts me off!"

K-"I bought $30 USED shoes today!! But I spent $6 on capri's!" M-"You raised such a thrifty daughter!"

5. K-"I have a 30 pounder, Catie was that what like last year?" M-"I'm grateful Tate is so healthy!"

K-"Paul wouldn't feed Tate because it was 3 minutes ahead of his schedule." M-I appreciate that Paul respects the schedule I have set for Tate.

K-"OMG I hate Iowa." M-"I've had enough of Iowa"

K-"I had a dress and heels on and I had to walk through mud or manure or whatever the heck it was but it all smelled like shit." M-"The ground is really wet here."

K- "While walking in the dress and carrying 30 pounds of Tate, he tried to help himself to the Num Num." M-"I wish I had a babysitter here"


Jim Hall said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Laura Chin said...

Always glad to help Jim.

Cat said...


Karen said...

LMFAO...Thanks Cat for makin us smile soooo much!!

Mona said...

I LOVE MY GIRLS! All of you keep me laughing...Thank God for girls!