Thursday, March 22, 2007

Restriction! what a concept!

So you know I had a port revision yesterday, I was able to eat and drink like normal though. Then, today, I stopped at Beaners (local crack house for coffee lovers) and got a mocha chill and a cinnamon roll.
I had two bites of that roll when OMG WTF IS THAT??
It was RESTRICTION my friends. And what did I do? made the classic mistake of taking a drink to try and get it down. didn't work.
So now I'm enjoying my soup with a couple of shrimp in it and shooting dirty looks at my cinnamon roll.
Restriction! AT LAST!!!


Jim Hall said...

Next time by six cinnamon rolls and bring them over to me. I have no restrictions.

Jim Hall said...

Sorry, just home from work. That should be 'buy', not 'by'. Don't forget the cinnamon rolls.

Mona said...

Since I have been gaining about a pound a day being off work, I will be following this closely. I am sure I will qualify for surgery soon!

Seriously, ENJOY the feeling of "restriction"....every time I eat my forbidden hot fudge sundae, I will try to chant....restriction, restriction!