Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Surgery, again.

So in 12 hours, 10:15 Wednesday morning, I'll be on the slab again for a sub-q port revision. Really want to know what it is? Google it or email me.

I hope I feel better after this surgery than I did after the last one, I have class Thursday night. I've been using relaxation techinques a friend taught me to get through all the crappy medical stuff, it works pretty well.

Daniel picked out a new toy at Meijer today, an Elmo phone that says his name in voice mail messages and such, really cute. I got it programed tonight so he can hear Elmo say HIS name in the morning! He'll be so excited, he loves Elmo.

So I guess I'm ready, say a prayer for me. Love yas!


Jim Hall said...

I guess I'd rather be on the 'slab' having a revision than being on the slab in the morgue (sp). They really have some neat toys for kids now a days then when I was a 'little guy' almost 60 years ago.

Mona said...

Prayers are already said and will continue until you feel better than new! Love you!

Cat said...

I hope your surgery went well!!