Tuesday, March 6, 2007

doggone it

Yesterday I drove to Flint for my second fill in my band. I nervously remembered my first fill that wasn't easy. Pulled all over the place, stuck 5 times before they finally got 2cc's into my band. That was a carnival cruise compared to yesterday.

Since they remember me from last time, my surgeon, Dr. Dabideen is already there. After twenty minutes of repeatedly poking me with a 4 INCH NEEDLE, deep enough that the lidocaine didn't reach that far, and with me trying desperately to get to my 'happy place', they give up. Dr. Dabideen says I need a revision. That means surgery. To move my port to an area with less tissue, because where it is right now has a lot of fat (duh!) around it and he can't get my port to stay right side up. So I left and drove the 50 miles back home, sufficiently bummed and needing a hug.

I stopped home for lunch before my appointment for my CPAP at 2. I was so tired, I fell asleep sitting up. I deliberately didn't lay down because I knew I would fall asleep! I guess it doesn't matter what position I'm in...I'm gonna sleep!

I woke up exactly at 2, saying "OH $H!T IT'S 2!!"

Luckily, I live about 5 minutes from the hospital, so I rolled in there at 2:07. The nurse wasn't ready for me anyway, so I felt better.

I got a cute little unit with a humidifier and a nasal mask.

Unfortunately I was only able to use it about 5 hours last night, I just got too stuffy! After my sinus infection clears up...it'll be better!

Today Alexis is performing with her class at the Lansing Center to thank the sponsors of the Chinese Immersion program. They picked Alexis to say thank you to the head honcho...believe it or not she can actually get shy in front of a crowd. Full report later!

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