Thursday, February 8, 2007

My Positive Penguin

Alexis was nominated by her teachers for the Positive Penguin (the school's mascot) of the Month for January :) She was very impressed with her certificate which was presented to her at a ceremony tuesday night.

She also got another award for perfect attendance for January. She's doing so great in school! I'm really encouraging her to use chinese at home to help solidify her school lessons and also to teach me some phrases too. I just couldn't keep up so I bought a Manderin Chinese lesson set this week.

I'm still on the first of 32 lessons. Supposedly it should take about a month...i'm less than convinced it will take that short of a time haha I even came into it knowing basic phrases like hello, good bye, my name is....etc.

It will be worth it. Daniel is picking up some as well, he responds to being called di di (younger brother) The Chinese love to call their children by nicknames. Each child in Alexis' class has a chinese nickname. Alexis is lu lu (luh luh) others are weh weh, rey rey, etc that sort of thing. Alexis' name roughly means Happy :)


Cat said...

So neat!! That is so cool that you guys are learning Chinese.

Mona said...

I love how you are embracing part of your children's heritage! I also find it funny that her nickname is lu lu....As in Lexie Lu Lu! What a great Mom you are!