Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day/a week later

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Happy Valentines Day Everyone! My big plans are...stay home and watch the last 3 weeks of HEROES that I've missed hehe

Last night I had a sleep study done, because I've been SO darn tired for...well a long time. Tired enough to sleep in my car during the day sometimes. Turns out i have (wait for it....) Sleep Apnea! I get to go back to try sleeping with a CPAP machine. Hopefully that will help me sleep at night so I won't drag all day. More energy....can't wait!

I wish I had taken my camera, it looked like I was wired for sound. I slept 8 hours, and was even on time for work.

Everyone is finally healthy at our house, save a couple snuffly noses and some eczema. alexis has an appointment next month to get tested for allergies. poor thing is just itchy all the time! Can't figure out what things are doing it, I hope the tests show what they are so we can get rid of them!

Alexis had a fun Valentines day party at school comeplete with about a weeks worth of candy


Cat said...

DOn't you just love the holiday stuff for kids! I can't wait to bake my first batch of heart shaped cookies for Tate's first V Day Party...
The kids look so cute.

Mona said...

I bet you find the CPAC will improve your life. Joe uses it every night and he no longer snores, wakes during the night and is much more rested.