Monday, April 30, 2007

That's right, I'm good.

Ohh yaahhhhh I got floor seats to the Wiggles :) Helps to be one of those moms who knows there are other moms out there who will drop everything and elbow the wimpy moms out of the way for something our kids want.
I went like 9:56 to ticketmaster and kept refreshing the page until the form to buy tickets came up. But I couldn't buy tickets!! It kept saying there were no tickets available. I quickly called ticketmaster, who told me in broken english the presale tickets were sold out for that day. Disgusted, I hung up on Habib and called the Palace box office directly where a lovely woman told me to use a different presale password on the ticketmaster website and viola! 4 seats in section D on the floor!

One thing I don't know is if we're on the aisle, which is most desireable as the Wiggles and their friends frequently go up and down the aisles, but I know the kids will have a ball, and that makes me so excited and happy!
While we wait the long months until August:

We'll have fun making a bone for Wags,

finding roses for Dorothy,

waving our feather swords at Captian Feathersword,

a pillow for Jeff (Daniel's favorite), who I just found out is 53!

apples for Anthony,

making a guitar to play along with Murray

and making signs to hold up saying we know how to "point our fingers and do the twist" with Sam (the new yellow wiggle who was formerly Professor Singalottasonga). Sam has been Gregs understudy for a few years on tours and knows his stuff!

Even though we're sad we never made it to a show with Greg Wiggle, They've found the younger kids associate the color yellow with the Wiggles, rather than the person IN the yellow shirt.

I promise I'm not obsessed with the Wiggles, it was really dead at work today haha


Cat said...

Dude...Greg Wiggle's eyebrows are impressive...

Laura Chin said...

In one of their first videos, Anthony has a unibrow and a fro in the first half, and the second half seems to have gotten waxed and cut hehehe