Friday, April 13, 2007


Had a very low-key Easter this year. alexis didn't wake me up until 8am, which is strange seeing as how the other day she woke me up so I could wait with her for it to be 6am so she could turn on her tv. When I got the kids up we had a fun time hunting for the eggs the easter bunny had gotten up at 4:30 to hide. Alexis had trouble finding her Easter basket, the bunny hid it well and she needed a suggestion from mom to find it in the front closet. She helped Daniel find his though, hidden behind the curtain. The easter bunny did go a little overboard...but the kids loved it. After breakfast we got all dressed up and went to Church at Central...came home and took naps! After nap we went to Papa and Lori's to visit and have some dinner. After the kids were in bed I drove out to eaton rapids and spent some time with the fam. it was a nice Easter.


Albert Family said...

Just when I thought you could not do one more loving thing, you showed up. You spent time loving me far into the wee hours on what
was, for me, a very sad Easter.

Thank you, God for Laura

Jim Hall said...

I still can't find the baskets that the Easter Bunny hid for me. Deb said he didn't leave me anything, but I don't believe her. Glad you all had a nice Easter.