Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Mona Chin

Today we celebrate the birth of Mona Chin!

here are some random facts about Mona!

She loves anything by Jimmy Buffett

One of her favorite things is chocolate covered potato chips

She started learning to box with her dad by age 5

She is named for her godmother, Mona!


Albert Family said...

Ok, you know me pretty well, don't you? Thanks for such a wonderful birthday. You and the kids made me laugh and enjoy myself, in spite of my efforts to suffer through another day. No one could be with those sweet children of yours and not smile.

I love you!

Jim Hall said...

You forgot to mention that she ran the Boston Marathon at the young age of 17. She only ran 1/10 of a mile because she had to stop for a smoke and a cup of coffee, coming in last in her age group, just finishing up behind a 76 year old grandma. Way to go Mona.

Jim Hall said...

I forgot to ask this and maybe you know since you did some research on Mona. When you said and I quote, "She started learning to box with her dad by age 5." Does that me both Mona and Gordy started taking lessons together or that Gordy showed her how to box? I know that I'm not the only one pondering that statement.