Monday, April 30, 2007

My birthday boy!

My funny little guy is 2 years old today! He woke up like every other day, with a smile and some jumps, grabbing his baby and blankey ("key!") before I could scoop him up without them.

I have been replaying my labor and delivery the past few days, leaving out the parts that still annoy me, and focusing on the parts I loved. Would I do it over? In a heartbeat!

He'll spend the day at Miss Chars. They had a little party for him Friday, while Alexis was there. Had a ball of course! He got a magnetic writing board, a lawnmower and a wheelbarrel, lots of hugs, kisses and treats!

Uncle Doug and Aunt Cyndee stopped by yesterday after church with a birthday balloon and card with Mcdonalds money in it!

Great Grandma and Grandpa King sent a fun card with some birthday money, I'll save it till his birthday's over and see if there's anything he wanted but didn't get.

We're going to party on Saturday to celebrate Daniels birthday at (yeehaw) Chuck E Cheese!


Cat said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Boy!! (Auntie's Cat's present will be late, as it is sitting on the kitchen table...)

Mona said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Daniel-Boy, Happy Birthday to you!

Can't wait till Saturday!