Monday, April 23, 2007

Our Weekend!

While Alexis was off with Papa, Catie and "Junkfood Grandma" picking up her daddy in Petoskey, Daniel and I got a chance for some one on one.
After playing outside for the morning, Daniel was ready for a nap while I headed for musical practice. After nap/practice we headed for Krogers then stopped at coolcone for icecream! Daniel was so excited and kept doing this captain feathersword arm move and saying "i ceemmmm"
After Church Sunday there was a lunch at the Church which was a lot of fun! Daniel ate and ate and nearly passed out in his highchair. We decided to head to Meijer after naps and get some milk. Daniel immediatly ran to the wiggles cart so we rented it. He climbed right in and buckled himself up! He happily drove us around and bounced to the wiggles. While we were shopping we got a call from Alexis that she was home! So we checked out and drove home for lots of hugs, kisses and stories.
Alexis was exausted and climbed into bed about 7:30, when I checked on her a little bit later, she was zonked.
This is my last week of class, finals!! I'm glad for a little break, my brain is tired.

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Albert Family said...

Sounds like you and Daniel had fun. We had a great time and Alexis kept us laughing all weekend. We had a wonderful time and I would have been shocked if Alexis hadn't fallen right to sleep. She is like the Energizer bunny!