Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm thankful for...

1. Uncle Paul is HOME SAFE from Afghanistan!!! Having all my family on one continent is a good thing.
2. I have great doctors and nurses who know how to treat me and really care.
3. My family support system is SO awesome, as I've really learned through this past 3 weeks
4. My church family is awesome too! I've recieved visitors, flowers, meals, and LOTS of prayers!
5. My daycare! I recently had a chance to watch Daniel without him noticing me. Miss Char, Maddie (Miss Char's granddaughter) and Daniel were watching a movie. I saw Daniel get down from his comfy chair and blanket he was sharing with Maddie, walk over to Miss Char who was sitting on the floor and give her a big smooch, a big bear hug, then sit down in her lap and cuddle. With no prompting from Char whatsoever. I can't tell you how full it makes my heart feel that Daniel is with someone he loves so much every day. He's a happy little guy and I know that Char and Scott have a lot to do with that.
6. Alexis got a glowing report card and comments from her teachers. She is thriving in school and really is blossoming as a leader.
7. My job. I've had to take almost a month off of work and they have been so supportive and understanding and my job is waiting for my return on Tuesday, if I get the ok from Dr. Koz on Monday.
8. The Shower. I got to take an actual, full body shower today for the first time in 3 weeks. The only thing that was covered in plastic was my picc line. I washed my own hair, shaved my legs, it was heaven!

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