Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm a drug user

Again! Or, I should say, still. After a break from the hospital on Sunday and this morning, I'll be back tonight for more iv Vancomycin. One more week, I can hack it. I wish it wasn't musical weekend though! I haven't made it to ONE practice yet. I know Cheryl (the director) is sympathetic and understands, she IS a nurse after all, but I feel like I'm really dropping the ball.

I did get clearance to go back to work 1/2 days, so that will be good. Thankfully I only really NEED to be there monday and wednesday afternoons for food bank. The other days they can get along fine without me if they have to.

Thanksgiving weekend was great! On Thursday we went to Aunt Cyndee and Uncle Dougs house and had dinner with them, Brad, Young, Max and Mia! It was delicious of course, with all the traditional fare.

The kids went to Papa and Lori's house Friday and Saturday morning while I went to the hospital. We kept clear of all the stores!

Sunday, after church, the kids and I went back out to Papa and Lori's house for another Thanksgiving dinner. There were lots of friends and family there! Lori, Suzann (my stepsister), Kurt (Suz's fiance), Craig and Mark (my step brothers), Evey (Marks girlfriend), Paul and Julie Merrill (Dad and Lori's best friends), Dave (my bro), Erica and Victoria (my neices). Unfortunatly, Dad wasn't feeling well and spent the entire afternoon in bed.
Suzann and Kurt brought wedding cake samples for us to try and everyone agreed banana was the favorite. We also celebrated Evey's birthday with a tasty cake made by Julie. She is a whole 20 years old.

So, it was nice to have a one day break from the hospital, but I'm glad my doctor cares enough to see my treatment through until he KNOWS I am better!

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