Wednesday, March 18, 2009

whoops, a month already?

well, I HAVE been a little busy!
After Alexis' appendectomy she ended up with a bunch of (what we thought was) fluid accumulating underneath her incision. It was painful and she was just feeling lousy. Her surgeon set her up for an I & D (incision and drainage) at Ingham which is normaly an office procedure but not for kids. It was a good thing we were at the hospital since it turned out to have a massive infection, not just fluid. It left a large hole in her abdomen:( After another 4 days in the hospital, a picc line was put in and we were sent home on IV antibiotics.

Alexis blessedly got her picc line out on the 13th and her incision is healing so nicely. She still has an open wound but new skin is forming and it's much more shallow now.

It was almost 70 degrees yesterday and this is what I saw when I got on 1-27, cones grrr

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Jim Hall said...

Poor little baby. She's such a big girl and always smiling. Uncle Jim hopes she's feeling better.