Monday, March 30, 2009

The end of March

Alexis' wound is officially closed! She has a lovely large divet where the incision was made, but it's not open, no drainage...hurray!

I finished my FIRST square for the new sock blankie project, am still learning slowly so things aren't going as quickly as I would like but at least I'm getting there!

The kids went to see Monsters vs. Aliens with Papa and Catie on Friday while Mona and I were at Threadbear, and I went to see it Saturday with a friend. It was pretty good, but doesn't top Nemo, Madagascar or Cars, etc. I'm sure I'll end up buying it and watching it a thousand times with the kids, just like the others.

Alexis is happily back in school full time, but we're still making up work for the 5 weeks she missed. Poor Daniel is taking a turn being sick, he's had a cough for a few days that seems to be winding up now.

I have a few job possibilities on my plate and am praying the right offer presents itself, God has a plan!

Karens week passed us by with a few good conversations, laughs and lots of remembering. Losing a loved one is not something you ever get over, it's something you find a place for in your heart and keep on going.


Cat said...

Congrats on your first square!! It looks great. Glad that Lexi is back in school. :)

Cat said...

And amen to the last part...

Cat said...

Oh and GOOD LUCK with the job thing!!!!

Mona said...

It is so nice to have a daughter joining in my knitting hobby (fetish, addiction???)! LOVE having you with me, knitting...and always.