Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So much has happened in the past week, I'm not sure where to start lol
chronologically, here's the story:
At 11 o'clock Friday morning, while I was at Threadbear with Susan, I got a call from Post Oak where Alexis goes to school. Never a good sign lol. She had thrown up and would I come and get her please? Of course I would! Nothing I like better than a puking child, unless it's putting my NON puking child next to the one who IS puking and tempting fate.
Alexis slept all afternoon in her room, but by 6 was hurting so much she didn't even want to lay flat because stretching hurt her stomach so much. I asked her where her stomach hurt to determine if this could be just a pooping problem, and she pointed to a circle roughly two inches all around her belly button. Well that was enough for me. I called mom and asked her to come home, I was taking Alexis to the ER. Fortunately, in the time it took mom to get home I was able to pack a bag of supplies (books, knitting, extra shirt etc.) in case we were there a long time.
6 hours a UA, X-Ray and CT scan later she was diagnosed with appendicitis!
8am saw us in anesthesia. I was allowed to gown up and come into the surgical suite and stay until she was completely under.
Alexis was in surgery only 1/2 an hour! Recovery has been a bit longer.
We stayed in the hospital until Monday evening, when Alexis was discharged around 6pm. She is sore, with no real appetite to speak of. She is improving every day though!

She has received so many gifts, flowers and candy I don't know where to put them all!

Poor Daniel missed us both while we were gone and has been up my butt and totally naughty all day lol

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Cat said...

Poor girl! I hope that she gets well very soon. much love-cat