Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One more time!!

Ok, so remember when I had my gallbladder out?

Well it turns out that larger than normal incision is going to make some trouble for me. I had a scan in April for unrelated pancreas trouble and it was noted I had a small hernia on that incision. "I wouldn't worry about it" the Doctors said. 6 months later it's being worried about!!

I now have a very large ventral hernia that is being repaired on Friday, the 17th. yipeeee

It's painful enough that I've been taken off work and restricted to lifting 10lbs or less. I took the first date they had available, I am ready! I should be back in full force by halloween, and ready to work in early November *cross fingers*

I spoke with Cat today and she sent me to the cutest little craft idea for halloween!!

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