Sunday, October 26, 2008

It takes a village...

The past week has been bad and good wrapped into one. The obvious bad being I had a trip back to the hospital and was in more pain than I can ever remember. The good (of which is the focus of this blog) has been how my friends and family have rallied around me to help care for me and my children.

Starting moments after I pulled out that darn staple, Mom called the the ambulance and then called David (my brother). He was here to go in the ambulance with me in less than 5 minutes, all the way from Holt.
Soon after that Kathy, her son Joey and his girlfriend Amanda (who also works with mom!) showed up to check in on me and drop Kathy off. I vaguely remember this which is amazing since I had so many drugs on board at that point!
Kathy and David stayed with me in the ER, while Mom stayed at home so the kids lives remained as stable as possible.
Friends showed up, seemingly minutes after I got there, including Pastor Sue, Mindi Cromwell, Kim and Brian Seidenstucker (who were there on bed rest for Kim and baby Seidenstucker).
The nasty nurses and doctors (who really were good but I didn't care for them at the time lol) kept poking at me and EVERYONE seemed to ask if I was nauseous. David kept them at bay, answering questions and asking why things needed to be done, what else could be done etc. Kathy kept me calm, stroking my head and speaking softly, keeping me in conversation to distract me. They stayed with me until I was tucked in my bed upstairs, hours later at around 3am.

Fortunately mom had the next day, Monday, off from work and was able to get the kids off to daycare and school and also pick them up. My doctor decided I should go home Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, he decided that AFTER the kids were already home! Our neighbor, Phil graciously came over after the kids were in bed and waited for us to come home.

Since mom had to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, David was at our house at 5 AM each day to get the kids up, dressed and off to school and daycare.

After work, Mom would pick up the kids and then do allll the night time things I usually do like dinner, homework, bath, and getting the kids in bed.

Friday rolled around and Grandma Chin came and packed up the kids for the night, giving me another day to quietly heal. They went tailgating, to Uncle Doodoo's football game, Grandma and Catie also took Alexis to a birthday party on Saturday!

This morning (Sunday) I stayed home while mom got the kids up, fed them, clothed them and took them to Church.

It really has taken a village this week, and I'm so thankful for the village I'm in!


Brandon said...

Hope you're feeling better.

Jim Hall said...

Hey Kid, glad you're feeling better, and able to get around agin.