Thursday, March 27, 2008

My funny girl

When Alexis was smaller, any time I would take her shirt off her, I would leave it around her head like a hat for a minute and we would giggle about it. After awhile, she started thinking that leaving her shirt on her head like a hat made her look like Santa. Now, any time she takes her shirt off, she says in this faux deep voice "Ho ho hoooo" this morning she walked up with her shirt on her head, belly jutted out saying in the deepest voice she could muster, "ho ho ho....I'm pregnant" then dissolving into giggles


Cat said...

santa has a belly and so do pregnant women...i get the connection! So funny.

Jim Hall said...

I don't know if you had a picture of Alexis with her shirt over her head, because nothing came up on my laptop, but I hope that you took some pictures of her to show her boyfriend when she brings him home years from now. I'm back to blogging and didn't have your email address to let you know. Send me some pics of the kids from time to time.

Love you guys,

Uncle Jim