Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Photographic Journey Through March

In the beginning of March, Alexis and I went and got expensive haircuts lol

I took her picture, then she posed me and took mine!

For St. Patricks Day, I made corned beef and cabbage with carrots and potatoes. I tossed in some green food coloring and the kids thought it was awesome!

This was the first day of spring

Easter Sunday was filled with lots of suprises, eggs and chocolate bunnies!

Daniel is wearing his new SHARK towel

I managed to clean the chocolate and get the kids to pose for a few pictures

The next day, Alexis' second front tooth fell out!

After two attempts to get her to open her eyes through the flash....

yikes! lol


Cat said...

Great pictures!! I love the set up of your back is like having another living room, but outside.

Jim Hall said...

I love the pictures of everyone. Daniel looks so cool with his neck tie and Alexis with her hand up like her Mom. They are so cute. Now that winter is over, Deb and I hope to see more of everyone.

Uncle Jim