Saturday, July 28, 2007

something new

Today I bought my first anti-aging eye serum.

Yesterday, while I was at work putting on my makeup, I noticed again that the skin under my eyes is getting wrinkled, and I have to pull it to straighten it out haha. I've always been a firm believer in taking care of my skin before there's a big problem, so at Target today I bought Aveeno Positively Ageless Eye Serum. We'll see if it REALLY visibly reduces lines and wrinkles, and lifts and firms.
Pretty soon I'm going to need some Ageless Butt Serum. Lift and firm THAT!


Jim Hall said...

Do they have any of that cream for old women like Deb and Mona (I'm just saying that because I know Joe would have wanted me to)???? Wonder how much a gallon of it would cost and if they could get a discount? Let J.E. know if it works an Joe and I may buy some stock in it.

Mona said...

If it works, I need more than a a bathtub full!

Cat said...

Let me know if it works!! I LOVE beauty products.