Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My fill:)

Ok, I decided I'm not too tight. I managed 2oz of salmon with a manderin sauce for lunch yesterday, then 3oz of tilapia for dinner. Crazy eating so little! my brain says "um excuse me, there is still food on your plate" but my tummy says "if you eat one more bite you will be SORRY" So my tummy wins and I don't eat even one more bite. I've been scared to go out to eat with anyone other than Alexis. Nervous that I'll eat too much, or too fast and I'll have to RUN to the bathroom, like I had to last week at Theio's. Luckily it was just me and the crossword puzzle, but I tried to have an english muffin with my coffee. Eating and drinking together is a BIG no no. i hardly made it to the bathroom!

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Cat said...

Good Luck with this adventure...I can't believe you have to eat so little! I hope it gets easier for you. The fish dishes sound really good, though:)