Sunday, May 27, 2007

At the Zoo, too!

Tuesday was the picnic for the kindergarten rediness program for the lansing school district. Alexis and I dropped Daniel off at Miss Char's and headed off to my work to stop in and say hi. Alexis met Nancy and Kelly, the housing specialists at my office.
After, we decided breakfast was in order and went to Coney island on Pennsylvania, right by the zoo. I ordered Alexis one egg and one pancake. Both of our mouths dropped open when her pancake was delivered and it was the size of a hubcap! Bigger than the plate! I cut off the equivalent of about 2 regular pancakes and she ate those and was full hahah After that, it was ZOO TIME!
We stopped at the giraffe for a hug

And were excited to see that the ponies were giving rides!

And so were the camels :) Alexis, growling at the camera
Of course, a stop at the tiger!
After the zoo, we had lunch in a big pavilion with 1000 other preschoolers and their parents. I met up with a friend from high school, Matt Williams and met his wife Tracy and their daughter. It was a fun day!

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Love the new layout!! I can't wait to catch up once we get a little more settled in :)