Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! The kids and I had a great time today, we went and saw Over The Hedge, definatly a kids movie but it has it's moments. Then we were off to a bbq at Mig and Sarah's-always a good time! I wish we could get together more often...everyone is so busy now! We used to go out at least once a week, now it's more like once a quarter haha
Ah well, jobs kids school keep us all busy!
Back to the salt mines tomorrow, I think my butt gets a little wider each week from just sitting there on the computer all day. i need like a treadmill or eliptical thing there maybe i'd start fitting into my pre-kid apparel. It's been 4 years.....i don't think it's baby fat anymore;)
Have a good short week and happy surfing!

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