Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So Daniel's party was great! Lots of friends and family there. It was fun to get together with everyone. Well almost everyone, Auntie Karen and cousins were MIA....hmmmm

Alexis passes out birthday cupcakes

Max looks cooooool in his shades

Alexis swings with Uncle Doodoo

Daniel and Tate investigate a phone

The birthday boy!

Well I'm still doing the 2 jobs and school and it's musical time so it's busy busy! But the musical is done sunday so that's a little relief. Plus this week is Alexis' last dance class so we'll have a few saturdays free until a new class starts. She says she wants to take a spanish class! I really hope I can find one for her that I can afford.
Daniel is as sweet as ever, talking more and more! He loves the little sesame street couch Alexis got for Christmas a few years ago. He just climbs all over it!
I really do love both my jobs, I hope they last for awhile. The one I'm at most is supposed to be done in June, but I'm not sure. There are thousands of documents left to go through!
I love it at EVE too, nice small office and I do my job well.

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