Friday, May 6, 2011

Eating Organic

For the past year or so, I've made a commitment to provide the best food possible for my family.  We bought a quarter cow from a local farmer who uses no hormones or antibiotics. I buy chicken that came from Middleville. Milk and butter that comes from Lincoln Park, eggs from Bath, and produce from local growers at the City Market. It's like the 100 mile diet mixed with as many non-gmo's I can find. In the beginning, it really hit my budget hard and I had to adjust BIG TIME.  But soon, I realized the stuff that I had to cut out were basically the junk.  No more 12 packs of coke at the ready (we cut HFCS anyway lol), boxes of ready made dinners...basically convenience foods.  Cutting out those processed foods and stocking up on good sales has made buying local/organic totally possible. 
Tonight, Daniel wanted Mac and Cheese.  Here's the cost of regular old mac and cheese, made with milk and butter vs. the organic batch I made tonight!

Kraft total cost $1.51                             Annies total cost $0.89
$1.29 box of mac and cheese                 $0.44 box of mac and cheese
$0.09 butter (1 tbsp)                              $0.18 calders butter  (1 tbsp)
$0.04 1/4 c milk                                     $0.08 1/4 c organic milk

I happened across a sale of Annies Mac and Cheese at Kroger and got them for 44 cents a box!  I bought 50 lol
To sum up, it's not hard to eat well!  It does take effort to know what you're buying, and learn how to make some convenience foods at home:)

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