Monday, June 7, 2010

The start of June

For some reason I didn't want to blog after Karen's day this year. Amazing, the processes we go through!

For Mothers Day this year, I got some wonderful gifts. My favorite from Alexis was a list of things I do for her that she made at church, mothers day morning. As much as I'd like to keep the huge poster size list forever, I don't think it would make it lol

Here are the things she thought of that I do for her, unedited:

17 things my mommy das for us.
  1. Cleen my room
  2. Loves you
  3. Cares for you
  4. feeds you
  5. give home
  6. wash clowes (clothes)
  7. look after you
  8. sings you to sleep
  9. buys things you need
  10. buys candy
  11. takes shopping
  12. plays games with you
  13. helps you with your homwerck (whoops, guess I need to help more!)
  14. gives you presens
  15. takes you out to dinner
  16. drives you to school
  17. gives you chocolate.

I love this list <3

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