Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lazy (but productive) days

The kids have been having a ball having sleepovers in each others bedrooms

I decided to clean out the storage room aka, my bedroom. Here is Mt. Washmore before:
You really CAN move mountains!! see my cool Barbie phone too?
After watching High School Musical 3, we were inspired to have a picnic with pizza and chocolate covered strawberries. They were delish, the kids went nuts over them of course!

I think every Chin has one of THESE in their house!
My garden is doing wonderfully, I have actual blossoms on two out of three tomato varieties. A cucumber plant is growing despite my complete neglect of it (thought it was dead, whoops!) I'll post a few pics soon :)

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Cat said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Mt Washmore and the Ohm basket!!! Gonna give him a call right now...