Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daniel is FOUR!

Daniel had a very happy birthday!
Since Alexis is at 1st grade camp, Daniel and I had the day to spend together!
We started the day at Chuck E. Cheese. Did you know they open at 9am? me either. But it turns out when you go that early there is practically no one there, and the people who are there are grandmas with toddlers :) I took Daniel for lunch and fun at Miss Char's house. He ended up staying for break and then having cupcakes and icecream with his friends there.

After Miss Char's, we came home for some dinner. Daniel had requested Spaghetti and mashed potatoes for his birthday dinner. After asking him several times to confirm that is what he REALLY wanted....that's what we had!

After dinner was present time!!

Daniel got a new Spiderman umbrella

"what is it!!!"
A Diego toothbrush!
A cars metal lunch pail, complete with 4 dollars, 4 dimes, 4 nickes and 4 pennies

And the new VeggieTales movie from mom :)
I know it's not chocolate...but Daniel is so impressed with these angelfood cakes every time we see them I thought he would love it!

He was impressed;)
It was a very happy birthday with calls from friends and family, lots of quality mom time.
We're anxious to pick up alexis tomorrow when she gets home from camp!


Jim Hall said...

Happy Birthday Daniel. You're getting to be up in age to start working in a year or so. The cake looked yummy.

Cat said...

That Chuck E. face cracks me up!!