Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun Weekend at the Cottage

We had a long weekend at the cottage with my brother, Dave, and his girls Erica and Victoria, and my mom!

Mom and I left the house about 6:30 and didn't make it up till after 9 with all the kid stops lol

I managed to get Daniel into bed before Dave and the girls showed up, but Alexis was up till after 11, playing Barbies with Erica

The next morning we got right down to playing, with the kids in the lake by 9am. Bernie, gracious neighbor as always, allowed the kids to play on his boat.

Erica supervising Alexis sweeping the docks

Daniel and I headed for home after dinner for the night since I had to be at church Sunday for our first week with no worship leader! We received VERY favorable feedback and had a good time. It felt strange to not have Eric and Susie there. I really do miss seeing them already!

Sunday afternoon Daniel and I headed back up.

David had been sailing most of the day and ended up clunking the mast or something sailing related on his head, causing him and the girls to stay an extra night but they were off and running Monday morning.

Every little kid gets a sink bath at the cottage!

Monday was wonderfully lazy. We built a fire in the outside pit and cooked our dogs out there. I went on a search for S'mores supplies and we did it up right!

I also had the for site to rent a couple of movies. Mom and I watched "The Fountain" that night. Let me just say that no movie has ever sucked as this movie sucked. I hadn't even heard of it, but I figured with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz it was a safe bet. Not even close.

Fortunately, I also rented 'Bee Movie' for the morning and all was well.

Alexis patiently waiting in the car

We packed up and were home by 5, just enough time for me to wash up and get to worship team practice!

Just for fun I added a pic of the monstrosity they built next door.

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