Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cat gets it done!

After less than two weeks in London, one of which Paul was in Germany, the Schwartz family has a London home! They'll be able to move in within 2 weeks. Go Cat!

I think it's adorable, it was my first pick out of the ones Cat sent to me. Each home has it's own style of fence and gate.

The reception room (living room)

The VERY cute kitchen

and dining area

it even has my favorite recessed sink lol

the rest of the pics are at this site


Mindi said...

Holy cow. What was that thing in the Bible about not coveting?!?!?

Cat said...

Thanks so much Laura, for posting pics! I have been so overwhelmed with the move, it has been hard to get excited...thanks for helping me through it and helping me to get excited!!!!