Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy Saturday!

What a busy fun day we had! Today the city of Lansing had an event called "Be a Tourist in Your Own Town" which encourages local tourism. The buses run special routes that take you past all the neat places Lansing has to explore! You ride the bus all day for only $.50
We rode the bus to Pruess Animal house and saw pretty much every animal, reptile and rodent in the place!

Alexis drinks the free bottled water from the Board of Water and Light

The kids were really excited to ride the bus

Alexis putting her cold cold hands on my face after they had been wrapped around an icy drink

After a nice rest, Alexis and I went to Post Oak for the school carnival!
Alexis got a tattoo from a "real tattoo artist" Mr. Pat, a school dad

Alexis dunked Mr. Robert!! She got a bulls eye!

She played "jarts"

The Chinese Chopstick Game

Lexi and Lexi

They did the obstacle course together

They tied at the end :)

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Jim Hall said...

Wow, sounds like a fun day and something that I would have enjoyed doing also. Daniel and Alexis didn't come home with any rodents in their pockets did they?

Uncle Jim