Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The core of my being

I didn't realize how much I miss theater until I went to see my neice in Sussical Jr this weekend. Sure, I've been to plays in the past 10 years but when this was over, I was waiting for Catie and I happened to walk onto the stage, behind the closed curtian. I stood in the middle of that stage, behind the red, heavy, velvet curtain and I couldn't stop the tears. The smell of the stage is always the same. It's like when you are visiting your grandparents home. It's a certian smell that you know, that you love. While I stood there, someone pulled the curtian open, with me in the middle of the stage and it took my breath away. It was by no means a large theater, just a school auditorium, but I stood there and just stared at the empty seats. I miss it SO much. I wonder when I'll be able to perform again, I don't even do karaoke anymore lol

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Cat said...

Great description. I hope you get back to theater soon. I have a friend in STL who does local theater here and she's really nice. I'm sure she would talk with you if you want the scoop of getting into shows and stuff :)