Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Next phone, camera phone!

Ok, we had a client come in today that made me realize I needed a camera phone. He was wearing:
A bright bright yellow coat with marine stickers all over it, a name tag that says "Marshal Kernel General Chief Greg U.S.A." (note that Greg is his first name, not his last)
He has a few Hawaiian leis and mardi gras beads around his neck.
A plastic mountaineers hat with a security officer badge on it.
Regular glasses, then a pair of umm "decorative glasses" over that that look like large Christmas bulbs.
A few cloth Christmas bows, one on each shoulder.
Hooked to his belt around his waist on one side are around 30 of those things you wear around your neck to keep your id badge.
In his hand, big million candle power flashlight with military stickers.
He had a rainbow colored belt with a whistle on it, but it is around his torso, not his waist. Over the coat hooked to the belt on the back are a bunch of bike locks and a few more flashlights. And this guy was totally lucid.


Cat said...

I say CHEERS to individuality!! lol

Mona said...

GREAT description! You DO need that camera phone!