Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just about there

I visited my pcp yesterday and he said no more visits to the hospital, no more antibiotics! He took my picc line out. Alexis had come with me and she was sticking her little head under his arm so she could see everything. She watched, eyes wide open as they pulled the looooong white tube from my arm. They didn't compress the opening enough and I managed to bleed on me, the table and the floor before they got it. Alexis was quite impressed. As for me, I got to take a shower with no plastic on me and I got my whole body wet at the same time. Heaven! My arm is almost closed and I am sooooo glad. The CMV is still kicking my butt a bit as I get worn out fairly quickly, but I'm working with my oncologist to see if we can't take care of that as well. I'll be so thankfull when I'm completely healthy again!

I generally don't dream about people I know, and when I do, they're more like nightmares. However, last night I had a dream about Karen. I was at her apartment, we made dinner, watched some tv and gabbed in general. It was fun to hang out with Karen again, even if it was only a dream!

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