Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The weekend

This was a rough weekend.

My friend Bud flew up from Tampa to collect the rest of his things from his roommates apartment and either store them or ship them to his NEW apartment there. We went out to Dennys on Friday night and did the crossword, like we had never stopped. Saturday the group was at Migs for a bbq, saturday night we hit plums for food, pool and spending time together. Sunday morning Bud flew back to florida and I pouted about it. I don't like it when people I'm close to go away.

Sunday was not too bad. We went to church and pretty much lazed around the rest of the day. Monday, the first birthday for Karen since she passed away. We went to Joe and Mona's for a birthday party for Frankie the dog. Catie got that idea since her mom wasn't there to celebrate, we should make September 3rd Frankie's birthday so we can have a party and not be sad.

I have never seen a dog actually get excited about new clothes but she was jumping all over!

Her tail started going nuts when Catie got that dress on her!

Catie and Cat made and decorated a rice krispies treat cake, complete with 21 candles.Frankie enjoyed every bite.

After Frankies party, we went down to Karens grave to visit.

Alexis and Catie set up candles in front of Karens headstone

Mona lit them up...

Alexis and Catie blew them out.
They gave all the plants a drink
I placed the yellow rose for Joe, since he was unable to join us.
I have been realizing that I haven't been dealing with my own grief at all, concentrating on making sure everyone else is ok. i've joined a support group at church that starts in october because I really don't have any coping skills. When my grandparents died it wasn't a big suprise and they were both in their 70's...you know it's going to happen. this...not so good. I don't want to be alone in silence, or just sit idle...i need to keep busy to stay ok, and i know that's not a healthy way to handle grief. we'll see how my new group goes :)

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