Monday, June 26, 2006

Ghetto house defiled

Someone broke into my dang ghetto house! can you believe it? I had been stopping by once a weeek or so to check the mail and i noticed my upstairs window was open. so I go up to the front door and the screen is missing! The door was still locked, but when I opened it I saw that the back door was open. Now I had locked that door and the back screen door too. So I went outside and called the police. They came and made sure no one was in the upstairs or downstairs. All they stole was my MOP. Thats MOP. Since they had left my upstairs window open people had been throwing rocks and trash into my bedroom. In the kitchen they had spilled tobacco all over the floor, ashed on my counter and used my stove as an ash tray. They didn't take my broom that was sitting right there, they could have swept up. Yah so I'm glad I didn't move in there. Plus there are still bugs, I got a letter the bug guys were coming to spray today. dang. The whole complex looks like there was a riot there this weekend, trash everywhere.

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