Sunday, April 9, 2006

Busy little bees!

what a week! Poor Alexis had the flu for a week and a half and finaly got so dehydrated monday morning she couldn't keep anything down. I took her into the Doctor and she had lost 2 1/2lbs in a WEEK! He admitted her into the hospital for IV hydration. So we were there untill Tuesday morning. I'm glad she's doing better! I got behind in my school work with all of us being sick at some point in the past few weeks so I've been playing catch up at night. Plus with Joe moving to Kansas this week I had to take time to go to Eaton rapids and pick up a bunch of stuff from his place too.
I did manage to get out for a fun night with Dad and Lori. We went to Springport to the Hotel Tavern for some great seafood and karaoke, I even had a Tom Collins ;)
We're having a big garage sale the first week of May, so mom and I spent all of Saturday pulling things out of the garage attic and basically pulling everything out of the front and back garages. No wonder I'm tired! :)
At least having the flu had it's advantages. Since I wasn't hungry for like 2 weeks I lost 14lbs. My dr put me on addipex since I'm always hungry! I can eat a full meal and feel hungry minutes later! Drives me nuts. So far it's working though. I just feel a little hungry before meals so that's great!
Daniel is going to be one year old on the 30th. I gave him his first haircut yesterday.

Doesn't seem like a year ago!

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